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How To Remove Musty Odour From Laundry During Monsoon

How To Remove Musty Odour From Laundry During Monsoon

During the monsoon season when the Sun is unpredictable, drying laundry may be more tedious than ever. Not only does the constant rain slow down drying, it traps moisture within the clothes which results in musty odours.

Luckily, there are ways to remove laundry odours during monsoon even when the Sun is playing hide-and-seek.


1. Avoid Procrastinating Laundry Day

Bacteria is one of the fastest reproducing organisms in the world and procrastinating laundry day makes laundry odours worse. Take your workout clothes for instance, the sweat-soaked outfit reeks of mustiness and putting off washing it is a bad decision. If you are aiming to only wash on a full load of laundry, try hand-washing for pieces that require immediate attention. 


2. Dry Laundry ASAP

Once the washing is done, avoid letting your laundry sit in the washer for too long as damp, dark and humid environments are amazing breeding grounds for bacteria.

With the monsoon season, it is typically harder to catch a good sunny day. Hence, you might want to consider using a Steigen automated laundry drying system to dry your laundry indoors. Besides fast drying, the system comes with an inbuilt Ioniser to minimise musty laundry odours. Plus, a Dust Mite Repeller to prevent dust mites from breeding on wet laundry while drying. 


3. Clean Your Washing Machine 

Many often view washers like soap–it’s “self-cleaning” because it’s soap–but it’s not. After every wash, the washing machine retains dirt from your laundry and dirt accumulation would result in mold. From using white vinegar/bleach to washing machine cleansers, there are various simple ways to tackle this issue. 


4. Wash Laundry Using Hot Water

Our skin produces sebum, an oily substance that is absorbed by our clothes. As with easily removing oil, the fastest solution is using detergent and hot water. Try this out with high-sebum laundry such as undergarments and towels. Don’t forget to check out your fabric care labels before washing them. 


Clean Laundry Always Smells Better

There are multiple ways to tackle laundry odour and with Steigen, you never have to worry about both odour and the drying process. To top things off, your laundry would neither be as overly wrinkled as compared to tumble drying it! 

Book our free site measurement today and let us help you pick a suitable model that fits your space and needs in under 30 minutes. If you are a visual shopper, drop by our Steigen Experience Store for a demonstration and test out the systems too. 


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