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6 Reasons to Convince Your Partner to Install an Automated Laundry System

6 Reasons to Convince Your Partner to Install an Automated Laundry System

We all have our versions of things we cannot live without which your other half may not agree upon. Here are 6 reasons that will sway your partner (or you) on why an automated laundry system should be on your must-have appliances list.

Just saying, expressing your love by doing laundry for your other half would be a lot easier if you had an automated laundry system. 


1. Dry indoors and away from neighbours

Has your upstairs neighbour ever had their wet laundry dripped over yours? It might be a mop and not wet clothes. Or worse, when the drips are bird droppings. Fortunately, all these will stop when you start drying indoors using a Steigen automated laundry system. Also, you never have to miss laundry day even when you are facing a downpour. 


2. Less exhausting on the shoulders and back

Working 9-to-5 is taxing enough let alone coming home to lug wet laundry outdoors to dry. With a 1.3m drop-down height, you can finally dry your clothes at a comfortable posture with the Steigen automated laundry system. Plus, trade in your automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack and enjoy up to an additional $50 discount.


3. Laundry odour and allergy control

Besides scented laundry products, having an Ioniser may help to eliminate musty laundry odour too (there is more to it than just smell!). The Solar Pro produces positive and negative Sol Ion™ that will neutralise odour-causing particles. What’s more, a Dust Mite Repeller to reduce dust mites on your laundry too. Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry that dries quickly! 

4. Cost-saving in the long run

On top of amazing drying capabilities, the Steigen automated laundry systems are 5 times more energy-efficient than a conventional tumble dryer. And, each 3-hour 60ºC Solar Drying cycle is only under $1*


5. Compatible with smart homes

We now live in a world where appliances can be voice-activated and unlock doors with a finger scan. The perks of having a virtual assistant will save you time and undoubtedly make your daily routine more convenient. Good news, the Steigen automated laundry systems are compatible with Siri so you can expect a seamless integration to your smart home. 


6. Lesser damage to clothes

Did you know long-term ultraviolet exposure will encourage colour fading in fabrics? Thankfully, our systems are 100% ultraviolet free. The systems have zero tumble drying action too which will minimise fabric wear and tear, unlike conventional tumble dryers.

It is now or never

Looking for more reasons to convince your partner? Here is $80 storewide off when you sign up with us! We also have 5 different 0% interest instalment plans to choose from. Plus, book your free site measurement to ensure the system fit. Installation, delivery and warranty coverage are also included in all our systems at no additional costs. 

Whether you are seeking drying assistance or good fabric care, Steigen is here to save the day.

 Based on SP Group July 2022 at $0.3017/kWh (before GST)

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