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4 Ways to Decorate Your Laundry Space With Pattern Laminates 

4 Ways to Decorate Your Laundry Space With Pattern Laminates 

Looking to refurnish your laundry space? Pattern laminates are an excellent way for homeowners to achieve their dream interior without breaking the bank. From textures to colours, dive into the world of pattern laminates where one is bound to be up your alley. 

leather solar pro eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

If you are one for details, the leather design is worth checking out. The soft sheen and fine creases would jazz up any flat, dark colour. Plus, the Solar Pro in Eclipse will go along with any dark interiors. Sometimes, it is the subtle details that give a space its personality. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Scandinavian interiors may be known for their classic white-washed timber finishing, but there are ways to be different without straying from the big idea. Besides timber, a light stone-washed linen design can equally provide texture and character too. Add a pop of colour with our Solar Pro in Midnight Green or keep to the theme with our Solar Pro in White. 

System featured: Solar Pro in White

Marble is one of the undisputed elements that exude luxuriousness just at its mere presence. However, using genuine marble may not be the most pocket-friendly idea. With marble laminates, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a lavish yet affordable design. Match the space with our Solar Pro in White to get that sleek, classy vibe.

stainless steel solar pro silver
System featured: Solar Pro in Silver
Stainless Steel

When the Sun hits, metallic finishing will sparkle in any light while adding a dramatic flair to your space. This eye-catching design offers a futuristic look unlike any other. Pair with the Solar Pro in Silver to complete the greyscale interior.

Playing with patterns

Whatever patterns you decide to throw in the mix, stick to a set of complementary colours for your walls or furnishing to avoid coming off as overwhelming. 

If you have not heard, our latest Steigen Evolution series features 7 new colours to match any interior design while providing exceptional drying performance. 

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