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Why HDB laundry racks are not for everyone

Why HDB laundry racks are not for everyone

We have a love-hate relationship with HDB-issued laundry racks. Whether it is the old-school bamboo pole, pulley rack or the outdoor retractable version, all of them seem to have more issues than Vogue and here’s why. 

HDB bamboo rack
Bamboo rack

Drying laundry with the good old trusty bamboo poles is what most of us grew up with. 

The biggest plus point of this is that you can dry your laundry under the Sun, which is free. However, the weather can be pretty unpredictable, and so are bird droppings. Also, the bamboo pole may become a potential killer litter if you are not careful. Or you may become a victim of killer litter!

Pulley rack

Do you know why pulley racks are so heavy? They are made with stainless steel which is approximately 3 times heavier than aluminum. This too explains why the rack provides a great workout session when drying laundry #armsday

Unfortunately, the constant tugging over time leads to a faulty rack, and rectification is only valid for a year from the date of key collection.

HDB retractable rack

Image from Housing Development Board

Retractable clothes drying rack

HDB’s latest clothes drying rack innovation is quite mind-boggling if you are unaware.

A mish-mash between the bamboo rack and pulley system, the horizontal rack allows homeowners to dry laundry outdoors while manoeuvring the poles safely. We cannot imagine which piece of laundry you would save first when it pours or how you can retrieve them back when the rack gets stuck.

Why HDB laundry racks are not for everyone
System featured: Solar Pro in White

Agree to disagree

This trio make up a rather phenomenal Bermuda Triangle, would they not? The racks do serve their purposes (sometimes), but when they become more trouble than they are worth, it is high time to find a better alternative.

An automated laundry system – like Steigen – is a great laundry drying solution you may consider checking out! Not only would the drying be 100% indoors, but the system provides odour control and allergy care for your clothes too.

We want to help you get rid of upgrade your racks: Trade in your manual clothes drying rack or automated laundry racks and get up to $50 off. Plus, stack another $80 off when you sign up with us. Not to mention, we offer free site measurements as well!

It is time to ditch the HDB laundry racks for something much better.

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