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5 2023 Service Yard Trends For 4/5-room BTOs

5 2023 Service Yard Trends For 4/5-room BTOs

Nowadays, service yards are common in BTO flats and are great corners to do laundry (or extra space to store kitchen appliances!). Despite their compact size, you can explore many design directions. Aesthetics and functionality have become a sizzling topic, but who says we cannot have both?

Here are 5 service yard (and home) trends we already have our eyes on this 2023. It is time to be a trendsetter and go-getter. 

lavendar lilac solar pro white
System featured: Solar Pro in White


Lavender is the colour of the year! This soothing hue may not be the first colour most will reach for when decorating, but do not dismiss it so quickly. The versatile shade brings tranquillity to any home and works well as a neutral or pairing alongside bolder colours. If you like the idea of lavender walls, pair the Solar Pro in White to keep things muted. 

System featured: Solar Sonic in Blush

Modernist Curves

Besides arched doorways and windows, try circular or curve-cornered furnishing to further soften the interior's angles. If you have not heard, the recently launched Solar Pro and Solar Sonic come with a new trademarked design (with curved edges!) and in 7 different colours. 

thrifting gem solar pro midnight green
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green

Thrifting Gem

A booming trend, thrifting provides flexibility, unlike any other interior. Be it modern or antique, odd or eclectic knick-knacks, you can chop and change them as you go along. With mismatched furnishing, it is still possible to create a relaxed, chilled vibe by opting for warm earthy tones like our Solar Pro in Midnight Green. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse

Luxury Noir

Who says black and white is only limited to monochrome? Luxury noir is easy to pull off as long as the space has a higher contrast colour: Try black, white, and shades of grey. Brighten the area with the 3-tone LED light of our Solar Pro – cool white, natural white and warm white. It even works independently as a ceiling light. 

System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Blue

Dark Minimalist

Blue is one of the few colours that have withstood the test of time. This versatile hue comes in many shades – muted, bold, light, and dark. Mustard accents will pop like beams of sunlight against the dark navy furnishing. Choose a dark colour for bigger appliances to create a seamless, polished look.

Dress to Impress

These service yards have their own unique factor that will wow anybody (from your friends, next-door neighbour to your mother-in-law). Wow them even more with this special Steigen deal: Get $80 storewide off when you sign up and trade in your manual clothes drying rack or automated laundry racks for extra price off.

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