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How Solar Ions remove musty laundry odours

How Solar Ions remove musty laundry odours

Some might think a simple wash cycle would fix musty laundry odours, but what if it does not? Not even your best-smelling laundry detergent or homemade vinegar-baking powder mix is working too. 

If you are reading this page, chances are you are curious about how an ioniser works to keep your laundry smelling fresh or desperate to find a fix to that all-too-familiar musty odour. 

Whether you are clueless about ions or an absolute gadget geek, get ready for this science crash course you never knew you needed.

What are ions?

An ion is an atom that carries positive or negative charges. Ions can be produced by creating a static charge through an Ioniser – a device with sharply pointed electrodes in which voltage is applied to produce ions. 

How do ions work?

Ionic bonding is the attraction between oppositely charged ions.

Imagine a raspberry/blackberry. These berries are made up of small individual drupelets and together form a compound fruit. When it ripens or gets too heavy, it falls off the bush. 

Similar to the berry drupelets, oppositely charged ions attract each other to form a compound. The positive and negative charges of a compound have to be balanced for ionic bonding to take place.

ions illustrations Solar Pro

Thanks to a whole lot of innovative engineering, the thoroughly redesigned Solar Pro features a new inbuilt Ioniser which blasts up to 25,000 ions/cm³ of negative and positive Solar Ions. This ion trap would neutralise the airborne allergens and turn them into dense dust-like particles that would settle on the ground. 

Who needs this?

Microscopic allergens may not be visible to the naked eye but they can still strike up an allergic – sometimes severe – reaction.  

These positively- and negatively-charged ions are attracted to such microscopic allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet danders.

Besides airborne allergens, these charged ions will eliminate odour-causing particles too – musty laundry odours, cooking smells, cigarette stench and more. 

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