First-Time Home Owners Laundry Struggles And How To Avoid

First-Time Home Owners Laundry Struggles And How To Avoid

First-time homeowners often make laundry mistakes, especially when they are new to doing laundry. Here are 4 common first-time homeowner laundry mistakes and how to avoid them. Drying laundry will feel less like a chore once you know what to expect. 

Shrunken Tops

Besides washing conditions, another way to avoid shrinking clothes is by air-drying them instead of tumble drying. 

Fortunately, you never have to worry about drying your laundry with the Solar Ultra! The 50ºC heat emitted during the 3-hour Solar Drying cycle simulates drying under direct sunlight. Coupled with the inbuilt air circulators for even heat distribution, your laundry will dry in no time. 

Undried Bedsheets

Dryers are easy to use, but not all of us have room for them. That is why some would turn to outdoor drying. But with Singapore’s humid weather, drying large pieces of laundry outdoors becomes a tricky business.

With the Steigen automated laundry drying system, you will have the best of both worlds – 100% indoor drying, and it only occupies your ceiling. The best part, all of the systems can dry king-sized bedsheets! 

Musty Odour

The buildup of bacteria, sweat, and oil in your clothes will result in a musty odour. And when these clothes get wet without drying out all the way, they will smell even worse. 

Within the Solar Ultra lies an inbuilt Ioniser which will automatically be activated when the Solar Drying is switched on. It produces tons of negative ions that will neutralise any odour-causing allergens. 

High Laundry Bills

With the rising costs of homes and renovation, we turn to multipurpose household appliances to help balance out the spending. Plus, if you need help with drying laundry, what better way than to invest in an automated laundry drying system?

Besides saving space and lesser drying time, the Solar Ultra also cuts back on your electrical bills – going as low as under $0.50* per 3-hour Solar Drying cycle. 

Practice makes perfect

There is a first time for everything, and you would eventually get a hang of things. But it never hurts to have a bit of help – and we are here to save your day!

To get the ball rolling, enjoy $55 storewide off when you sign up with us. We even offer free non-obligatory site measurements to ensure the fit of the system. 

*Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.1960/kWh (w/o GST)

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