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How To Dry Your Clothes on Rainy Days Without A Dryer

How To Dry Your Clothes on Rainy Days Without A Dryer

It is that time of the year again. The Northeast Monsoon is upon us, and due to global warming, it is no surprise that the downpour came earlier than expected. 

This brings more frustration when drying laundry as we are so used to the continuous hot and warm season in Singapore. If you are fed up with the constant downpour and not ready to commit to a dryer, here is how you can dry your laundry faster on rainy days without a dryer.


Dry Using Wind

The wind is one of the rates of evaporation. The increase in wind speed will whisk away the moisture and humid air in and around your laundry, which further accelerates the drying process. However, even with the help of an electrical fan, the humidity from the rain will not only prevent your clothes from drying fast but will encourage bacteria growth and cause odour. 


Dry Using Clothes Steamer 

One unconventional method is to use a clothes steamer to dry your laundry. This should work if the clothes are already 95% dried and need a little oomph. Not the best method, but it comes in handy if you spill water on your clothes and you are in a hurry to head out.


Dry Using Steigen

While this neat little innovative product does require electricity to function, it will not break your bank as a traditional dryer would! The Solar Series is able to dry 2-3 loads of washings, approximately 35-50KG (differs from model to model). Simply hook any hanged laundry to the system, switch on the Solar Drying function, and you are good to go! 

Not to mention, the Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra models come with an inbuilt Ioniser to minimise musty laundry odour. Plus, a Dust Mite Repeller to prevent dust mites from breeding on your wet laundry. 

With this sturdy automated laundry drying system by Steigen, you never have to worry about laundry shrinkage or unsalvageable, overly wrinkled clothes caused when tumble drying. The best part, it only occupies your ceiling space, making way for more legroom.

Still unsure? Book our free site measurement and let us recommend a model based on your laundry space and needs. Grab your chance to dry laundry in ease and comfort no matter the weather with Steigen today!

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