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Solar Alpha: Change The Way You Dry Laundry

Solar Alpha: Change The Way You Dry Laundry

What do you look for when it comes to addressing laundry woes? A system that shaves off time doing chores? One that lowers electricity bills? Or something that helps you dry your laundry in any weather?

All of us may have various pain points but we all can agree on one thing: We need something that actually does the job well.

Introducing Steigen Solar Alpha: An unprecedented transformative laundry system that never fails to impress. It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 


Hotter. Faster. Better. 

This new system comes with Solar heaters that run at 60°C, 10 degrees higher than what we usually set for our systems. If you don’t already know, 60°C is the optimal temperature for killing bacteria, viruses, plus removing stains. Coupled with a good antibacterial detergent, you’re all set! 

Also, the sleek system comes with wider ventilators that speeds up the overall drying process by a whole hour compared to our bestseller, Solar Ultra. Effectively drying your laundry in approximately 90 minutes, 8 times faster* than drying in a natural outdoor breeze. 


Bite The Dust

Equipped with an inbuilt Ioniser, you can banish harmful particles with a tap of a button! 

For the uninitiated, the inbuilt Ioniser produces negative ions which would neutralise the air particles surrounding the system. In turn, effectively eliminating airborne particles such as pollen, bacteria, and other odour causing particles. 

Once these negative ions pair themselves to positive ions, the harmful particles become dust-like solid compounds that can be easily wiped away.

Furthermore, the system comes with a Dust Mite Repeller which emits pulsating ultrasonic waves that removes germs and dust mites – leaving you a more hygienic load of laundry. 


The More The Merrier

Still find the Steigen system too small to handle your laundry load? Cast those worries away as the new model provides an additional pole that allows you to hang up 10% more clothes (with hangers) when drying. Bringing up the space capacity to a whopping 94 pieces of hanged laundry when you extend all the other poles – That’s approximately 3 full loads! With the extended telescopic poles, you can even hang king size bed sheets. 

Not to mention, the inner two poles come with a set of built-in plastic clothes clip where you can simply slip your garments upwards to clip it in place and tug it downwards to remove it. It’s designed to hang even the smallest of clothing too. Alternatively, the clips serve as plastic hoops for you to hook your hangers. 

For enhanced safety procedures, our sensitive built-in smart sensors will be able to not only detect objects around the system, but to also retract 5cm upwards to prevent collisions. Now, you never have to worry when your little one follows you around while you do laundry.


Not Enough Light?

Besides, the system comes with 3-tone LED light. Toggle between soft white, daylight and warm glow with a tap of a button to see and move around the system comfortably and safely. Pro tip: You can even leave the lights on and have it as your ceiling lamp.


Your Laundry Ride or Die

No one enjoys doing laundry, but now you can make it go by faster while you kick back with a cup of coffee. That’s what we call a win-win.

With all your favourite functions packed into one, there’s just too much you’re missing out on. Fall in love with our Steigen Solar Alpha and operate it anywhere with a tap of a button, regardless of the weather and time. 

*Based on spin dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather. 

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