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5 Surprising Places Where Dust Mites Hide At Home

5 Surprising Places Where Dust Mites Hide At Home

Have you been sneezing excessively? Is that dry cough irritating your throat? Perhaps another out-of-the-blue skin irritation? It just might be because of dust mites! Even though they are invisible to the naked eye, that does not mean they are not there. Here are 5 surprising places you never knew dust mites are capable of hiding at home.

1. Comforters

Bedsheets, bedding and pillows are a haven for dust mites because they live off your dead skin. Did you know?: An average adult sheds close to 500 grams of dead skin while sleeping, and it all ends up on your bed. Coupled with our high humidity, these mites multiply quickly. Often, we tend to overlook washing our comforters, forgetting that dust mites lurk beneath the surface. 

2. Curtains

Ever wondered why each time you drag open your curtains, you start sneezing or tearing? As fabric curtains trap dust easily, they have weeks, maybe even years, of dust build-up that is not visible to the naked eye. The best solution is to either to wash/steam your curtains regularly or switch it out for blinds instead. 

3. Throw Pillows and Blankets

The decorative throw pillows and blankets on your sofa are one of the most easily forgotten items to wash. Especially the pieces you tuck behind your back, underneath your neck or wrap around your body. If your pillows and blankets are not washer friendly, try vacuuming it instead to remove dust mites.

4. Stuffed Toys

If you’re the type who constantly snuggles up with your stuffed animals, you might want to consider giving them a good washing in hot water and dry it under the Sun. With nights of accumulated drool and sweat, your stuffed toys might be a huge risk factor to you without you even realising it.

5. Pet bedding

Is your pet scratching itself more than usual? You might want to check out its bed. Much like with humans, your pets can also suffer from serious allergies if there is a high concentration of dust mites. Wash it as frequently as you would with your sheets and remember to dry it under the hot sun too.

How to Better Eliminate Dust Mites

Worried about dust mites becoming an issue in your home? Steigen Singapore is here to the rescue! Get ready to banish these pesky buggers with our automated laundry system

Equipped with an inbuilt ioniser and solar heat technology, you can rest assured that your laundry will always be allergen-free. Sometimes, washing your laundry in hot water and using antibacterial detergent isn’t enough to get rid of dust mites.

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