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The Most-Voted Ugly Colour For Service Yard

The Most-Voted Ugly Colour For Service Yard

Brown is a classic neutral shade for various interiors, yet it was voted the ugliest colour on our Instagram a few months back. That got us thinking, “Is it really that hideous?” Apparently, 51% of our voters think so!

The Most-Voted Ugly Colour For Service Yard Steigen Instagram
While the colour certainly sparks a retro vibe, there are many browns that are a far cry from being outdated. Here is our take on the most-voted ugly colour for your laundry space. 
Almond Buff Brown Solar Pro White
System featured: Solar Pro in White 

Almond Buff Brown

Besides walls, flooring is another way to add warmth to the space. Create a cohesive Scandi-style aesthetic with neutral-colour appliances, such as the Solar Pro in White. 

Have plans to box up the pipes in your service yard? Or plans to add more floating shelves and cabinets? Book a free site measurement with us, and let us help you to ensure the system fits. 

Kelp Brown in Solar Pro Midnight Green
System featured: Solar Pro in Midnight Green 

Kelp Brown

Your laundry space should be a cosy spot where you can do laundry in peace. Instead of sticking to the same brown shade throughout, mix it up with some colour pairing. Pair the space with Solar Pro in Midnight Green for a subtle green accent. 

Plus, the system can bulk dry 2-3 washing loads–bedsheets, towels, swimsuits and baby garments. Not to mention, it lowers to a comfortable height (up to 1.3m), so your back will never be strained when doing laundry. 

Foxtrot Brown Solar Pro Silver
System featured: Solar Pro in Silver 

Foxtrot Brown

The thought of making brown and silver the main colour scheme for your service yard may seem a little daunting. Trust us, silver accents in a brown room when done right, can be pretty stylish. 

The Solar Pro in Silver boasts both style and functionality. Minimise musty laundry odour with the inbuilt Ioniser while drying laundry with a 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying and 8-way Circulator Blower. 

Cocoa Brown Solar Pro Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse 

Cocoa Brown

Turn heads with a dark brown kitchen. While light browns can look calm, dark browns are great for those seeking a luxurious look. Brown appliances are not the easiest to find so the next best dark shade would be black. With a slight charcoal hue, the Solar Pro in Eclipse would be a great addition without being too stark. 

Time for brownie points 

Brown encompasses many hues and is a wonderful, grounding colour for various palettes. If you are new to home colour palettes and unsure where to begin, why not check out brown for a change?

Another change to add to your list: Sign up and enjoy $80 off all Steigen automated laundry systems. Have a manual ceiling rack or an automatic clothes hanger of another brand? Trade them in to get up to an extra $50 off. 

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