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Steigen’s Recommend Installation Timeline

Steigen’s Recommend Installation Timeline

FAQ: At which renovation stage should I install a Steigen automated laundry system?

Whether you just got your keys, are in the midst of a renovation or have moved in ages ago, here are some tips on when and at which stage you could install a Steigen automated laundry system. 

Everyone moves at a different pace, so find one that works best for you. 

Key Collection

That’s why they say good things come to those who wait. The long, arduous waiting game has finally ended, and you can start planning your home renovation. If you are moving into a new BTO (or resale) estate, check out our Deals page for an exclusive estate promotion. 

For folks who are still awaiting their key collection date, we have good news for you too. You may reserve your Steigen automated laundry system up to a year in advance. Just remember to book your installation within the year from the date of purchase.

Site Measurement (optional)

Home renovations can be pretty overwhelming for first-time homeowners. To help elevate that stress, book a non-obligatory and free site measurement with us. From recommended system placements to power source suggestions, our Site Measurement Expert will get into the nitty-gritty and provide an e-report. 

Busy shopping for tiles and would not be home? Pass us the lock number, and we will assess the place and share an e-report for your reference too.

Home Renovation

System installation is recommended after wiring, carpentry and first coat of paint are completed. During the installation, any existing rack/automated system will be dismantled and disposed of free of charge. Trade in your racks for a further discount of up to $50! 

Plus, our installers will patch up the drill holes left by the previous rack at zero additional costs. Painting services are not provided so we recommend having a paint touch-up after the system is installed.

Post/No Home Renovation 

Go ahead and skip straight to installing the system if your place does not require any home renovation. A key thing to note: Cater a minimum 6 Ampere power source (light point) for the Steigen automated laundry system. Alternatively, a 13 Ampere 3-pin power socket works too. 

Did you know providing trunking is another complimentary service of ours? If your installation requires wiring trunking, fret not, we will provide it at zero costs. 

No better time than now

There is no right way when you ought to install a Steigen automated laundry system. Nevertheless, planning in advance and installing it during your renovations would always be ideal. 

Here is to making more things work in your favour: Sign up and join the Steigen family to enjoy $80 off* all Steigen automated laundry systems! The code expires within the month of signing up so cart it out before it ends.

*Not stackable with Steigen BTO/HIP estate promotions.

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