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Who’s better? Steigen vs X Brands

Who’s better? Steigen vs X Brands

When it comes to automated laundry systems in Singapore, there are only a handful of brands and Steigen is a known crowd favourite. But that never stops others to wonder, “Which one is better?”

Whether it is after-sales service or zero hidden costs, we have rounded up 5 services that Steigen does better than other X Brand automated laundry systems so you can cut back on research time.

1. Colours

Everybody loves useful things that are aesthetically pleasing. That is one more reason to love Steigen!

Steigen offers the most* colours across all X Brand automated laundry systems. At 7 whopping options between 2 systems, the choices to mix and match with various interior designs are endless. 

2. Site measurement

Ensuring everything goes smoothly during your home renovation can be quite vexing. And to ease some of your frustrations, Steigen offers non-obligatory and free site measurement. Psst…we might be the only one!

Fret not, our site measurement never requires any order confirmation or upfront deposits. So, if you change your mind afterwards, all is good. You would still receive a dedicated e-report outlining:

  • System recommendation
  • System placement suggestion
  • Ideal power source for the system
3. Installation and Delivery

Depending on the type of installation–concrete ceiling, false ceiling, high ceiling–some X Brand automated laundry racks would charge an installation fee. But never at Steigen!

From installation, and delivery to patching up the drill holes left by the previous rack, all these services are included in all Steigen automated laundry systems. Trunking, if necessary, is provided free of charge too. 

Also, Steigen is most probably the only automated laundry system brand that offers customers to book an installation date up to a year from the date of purchase.

4. Warranty Coverage

Fun fact: Steigen does not charge any labour or transportation costs regardless of warranty validity. If the system requires technical assistance post-warranty, only the system part that is replaced would be billed. 

All Steigen systems have basic warranty coverage of up to 2 years for parts and 5 years for up-down lifting motor and LED light. The best part, no warranty registration is needed. And, the warranty would only commence on the day of installation.

5. Installment Plans

Compared against all X Brand automated laundry systems, Steigen offers one of the most options for 0% interest instalment plans. Tip: Usually, these buy-now-pay-later apps will offer new members a welcome discount that you may stack when carting out!

Here are the 4 0% interest installment plans Steigen offers:

- Atome 3 months 0% interest installment 

- Grab PayLater 4 months 0% interest installment 

- Pace 3 months 0% interest installment 

- Shopback PayLater 3 months 0% interest installment  

Time to set the record straight

If that does not convince you to join the bandwagon, here is another sweet deal for you: Sign up to enjoy $80 storewide off! Go ahead and stack it with our trade-in program too ($20 off manual systems and $50 of automated systems). 

Have more enquiries about our services? Feel free to drop us a WhatsApp text to our Support Line at 8833 0005 or message us on our Facebook or Instagram. We are more than happy to help!

*As of date of publication

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