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Which Renovation Stage Should You Install An Automated Laundry System?

Which Renovation Stage Should You Install An Automated Laundry System?

We get this question all the time! Before we jump straight into the answer, run through these other commonly asked questions to understand where you are currently at in terms of the entire renovation process. 

This step-by-step guide will help you determine what you need to iron out before the system installation and what to expect at each stage. 

Which Renovation Stage Should You Install An Automated Laundry System? Solar Ultra White

1. Have you collected the keys to your new home?

No: All new homeowners in this category, you are in luck! We can hold the system for up to a year. Hence, you may select an installation date within the year from the date of purchase while enjoying whichever promotion you managed to snag up during your purchase.

Yes: Awesome! The next question would be, do you require a free site measurement? Also, we may be able to recommend the system placement through our Support Hotline via WhatsApp should you have the blueprints or floor plan too. 

Do you require a free site measurement? Solar Ultra White

2. Do you require a free site measurement?

No: If you are confident of the system fit based on the dimensions provided on our website, feel free to skip this stage as it is not compulsory to book a site measurement to book our installation. 

Yes: From system recommendations, placement suggestions to power source options, our Site Measurement Expert will cover all the necessary details on the installation process of our system in 30 minutes. At the end of your free site measurement, you would receive an e-report curated just for you. Share this with your interior designer/contractor to better discuss your electrical needs before installation. Our free site measurements are non-obligatory too – so should you change your mind about installing the system after, all is good!

Will your home be undergoing renovations? Solar Ultra White

3. Will your home be undergoing renovations?

No: Before the installation, ensure that a power source is ready for us to tap on for the system. All systems (except Solar Alpha which requires 13 Amp) have an electrical requirement of a minimum of 6 Ampere (light point) to function. Free trunking would be provided if necessary. 

If you have an existing rack/system in place, we would remove it and install our system over. Any drill holes left behind by the previous system would be patched up (free of charge), but painting services are not provided.

Yes: We recommend having the system installed after:

1. Wiring is completed, and a power source is available for us to use for the system

2. Carpentry is installed

3. Painting is completed but before final touch-ups

During your installation, we would drill four holes in the ceiling. These holes will be concealed by the body of the system so you need not worry about patching them up. We recommend having a touch-up/final coat of paint after the system is installed as we do not provide any painting services. 

This is where it all starts

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