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The New Solar Evolution: Steigen Solar Pro & Steigen Solar Sonic

The New Solar Evolution: Steigen Solar Pro & Steigen Solar Sonic

If you haven't heard, the latest systems, Steigen Solar Pro and Steigen Solar Sonic, are part of Steigen’s new Solar Evolution series of automated laundry drying system

This new series offers breakthrough technologies from our signature Solar Drying, Sol Ion to brand new colours and more. 

The new models have been redesigned inside out and now come with 7 gorgeous colours, featuring the latest 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying which dries at an optimal temperature to kill bacteria.

Plus, four times as many blowers as before because it is all or nothing for us. Make way for the new 8-way Circulator Blower! The 3x longer strip panels feature blowers that alternate in opposite directions with a 6.5m/s wind speed to ensure maximum air circulation. That’s at least 84 000cm3 of drying coverage!

Get the triple threat drying action with our signature 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying, 1.6x faster wind speed and 8x more drying exposure for a foolproof blazing fast drying performance.

Major energy-efficient improvements come to both Steigen Solar Pro and Steigen Solar Sonic, with a sustainable motor that uses 60% less electricity by calibrating the power needed to raise the rack of the system following the weight of the laundry. Also, a load capacity of 50kg (approximately 2-3 washing loads). 

The new series enhances the laundry drying experience with features to help users get more done easily. Now the inbuilt light delivers a 3-tone LED light to help illuminate the space and still match with home interiors. The redesigned wireless remote control is made with recycled plastic for better grip and long-term durability. It even comes with a 3-hour and 6-hour drying button which activates the Solar Drying, inbuilt Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller concurrently. 

Solar Pro in Eclipse
System featured: Solar Pro in Eclipse
Steigen Solar Pro Exclusives

Say goodbye to musky laundry odour with the new inbuilt Ioniser which produces positive and negative Sol Ion to better suppress bacteria activity. At a whooping 25,000 ions/cm³, these ions trap and neutralise the bacteria, especially those in wet laundry. 

Time to bid the dust mites farewell too. Get a wide ultrasonic wave coverage of 8.5m³ to disrupt the breeding and feeding cycles of dust mites on your wet laundry while drying. 

Be spoilt for choice on the colour front for the new Steigen Solar Pro: 5 exquisite colours – White, Silver, Midnight Blue, Midnight Green and Eclipse.

Solar Sonic in Graphite

System featured: Solar Sonic in Graphite

Steigen Solar Sonic Exclusives

With the improved 5-pole structure, customise and add up to 2 poles with built-in clips to dry smaller garments. There is even an option between white and black built-in clips.

To top things off, the new Steigen Solar Sonic comes in 4 stunning colours – White, Silver, Blush and Graphite. 

Solar Pro vs Solar Sonic
New Launch, New Deals

What’s a celebration without some good deals? Sign up now and enjoy $55 storewide offTrade in your automated laundry racks or manual clothes drying rack to get more discounts. 

And we’ll let you in on a little secret: We can reserve your system for up to a year. Hence, you can select an installation date within the year from the date of purchase. What are you waiting for? Shop away!

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