Your Allergies Might Be Affecting Your Child’s Sleep

Your Allergies Might Be Affecting Your Child’s Sleep

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a condition that affects up to 13.1% of the Singapore population. While it affects both adults and children, it is particularly common in children aged 4-17 years old

Triggered by sensitivity to airborne allergens, AR causes nasal symptoms which can have significant negative impacts on your sleep. Never let allergies ruin your sleep, and find out how you can get a good night’s rest for good.

How Are Nasal Symptoms Formed?

Common nasal symptoms include sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose. Some might think that having a blocked nose means having it stuffed with thick mucus. However, a blocked nose is usually due to inflamed blood vessels, which results in the tissue lining of the nose becoming swollen and narrower, making breathing difficult.  

Nose congestion gets worse when one is lying down. To treat such nasal symptoms, best to prop your head up and keep it elevated. 

Types of Airborne Allergies

Dust Mites

Did you know the main cause of allergic asthma in Singapore is due to house dust mites? These microscopic creatures are commonly found in mattresses, pillows, and even on bedsheets. They thrive on our dead skin cells and love warm, damp and dark areas. 

Besides washing your sheets in warm water, dry them with the Steigen automated laundry drying system to better eliminate dust mites. Coupled with the 60ºC* Solar Drying function, the high-frequency Dust Mite Repeller will interfere with the feeding and breeding cycles of dust mites.


Pollen allergy, also known as hay fever, is sometimes referred to as seasonal allergic rhinitis. The powder-like substance is produced as part of a plant’s reproduction cycle to fertilise. 

By switching on the Solar Drying function of the Steigen automated laundry drying system^, the inbuilt Ioniser would be enabled too which not only rids musty laundry odours but pollen, pet danders and house dust as well.


Fungal Spores

Fungal spores are released by mould and mould allergy symptoms vary from individual to individual. It may be a year-round symptom or it may only flare up seasonally like pollen allergies.

The inbuilt Ioniser of the Steigen automated laundry drying systems^ will produce negative ions that will latch onto positively charged ions, such as bacteria, fungal spores and other seemingly invisible particles. Once attached, these harmful particles will clump together and become too heavy. Subsequently, falling to the surface as dirt which can be easily wiped away.

How Does Allergies Affect Your Child’s Sleep?

The nasal congestion (due to enlarged tissues and tonsils) would restrict airflow which results in snoring. This would eventually affect the quality of a child's sleep that would lead to daytime behavioural issues. 

Plus, snoring can lead to an irritated throat in the morning which would affect your child’s ability to exercise well in school. Not to mention, snoring tends to get worse with age, so it is best to nip it in the bud while you can. 

When To Consult A Professional

One can only do so much when it comes to practising good fabric care and hygiene standards on your laundry for your loved ones. If your nasal symptoms persist and aggravate over time, best to seek professional help early before it is too late.


*Based on Solar Alpha. All other Solar Series automated laundry drying systems heat up to 50ºC. 

^Based on Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra.

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