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6 Steigen Home App Features You Can Make Use Of

6 Steigen Home App Features You Can Make Use Of

Calling all Steigen homeowners (and couch potatoes), here is an app you are going to love! Steigen Home is specially designed to control your automated laundry drying system remotely. It can dry the laundry, turn off the system light, or even double as a remote control. 

Find out all you need to know about the Steigen Home app and how to pair it with your Steigen automated laundry drying system.

First Things First 

For new Steigen homeowners, check out this step-by-step video guide on how to pair your phone to your system via the Steigen Home app (available on both Android and iOS devices)

Tip: If you are unable to connect the system to your home Wi-Fi, it may be due to the system being located too far from your Wi-Fi router.

App Functions

1. Weather-based trigger

Not many of us check the weather report unless we plan to do something fun under the Sun (or if you are still drying laundry outdoors). Set different weather-based criteria to trigger various functions on your system. This is great for homeowners who tend to air dry their laundry on the system when it’s sunny but needs a little drying boost when it’s raining.

2. Notification alert

Nobody likes loud and annoying countdown beeps, especially when you do your chores at night. Receive friendly reminders via the app when your task is about to be completed. 

3. Task Scheduling

Everyone has a laundry drying routine they stick to. Whether you are looking to dry clothes or bedsheets, customise a wide range of functions to fit your varying needs. You can even select the different duration cycles of each function.

4. Time Scheduling

Currently, the Solar Drying function is set to automatically switch off in 3 hours. On the other hand, the Dust Mite Repeller is set to automatically switch off in 30 minutes. With the Steigen Home app, you may select other duration cycles to dry or cleanse your laundry. 

5. Voice navigation

Good news for iOS users: You may control the Steigen automated laundry drying system via Siri. From switching on Solar Drying to lowering the system, you can manage the system using only your voice. Plus, multiple voice control languages are supported.

6. Adding Mobile Devices

Share the workload and invite your loved ones to the Steigen Home app to better manage drying laundry no matter who is in charge. Once they have registered an account, you can add them by going to your Profile tab and select ‘Home Management’. 

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