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4 Key Elements of a Japandi Interior For Your Laundry Space

4 Key Elements of a Japandi Interior For Your Laundry Space

Meet Japandi, where Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian functionality. It is no surprise that this winning combo is a popular interior choice. The simple design coupled with natural materials hardly goes out of style. 

Find out the key elements of Japandi and how your laundry space can look like one out of a catalogue. This is perfect for homeowners who strive for uncluttered decor yet still wish to look stylish 24/7.

System featured: Solar in White

1. Functional Furniture/Appliances 

Extendable dining table. Ottoman storage stool. Shelf floor lamp. The list goes on and on, but we all know (and love) the beauty of multifunctional furniture, especially when we are living in a small space. 

For the uninitiated, Steigen offers a humble range of automated laundry drying systems which is another great example of a multifunctional product. From space-saving to simplifying your laundry drying process, the system even operates independently as a ceiling light.


System featured: Solar in Grey

2. Natural Materials 

Light-tone wood is the core element in both Japanese and Scandinavian designs. Besides wood material, you can also consider adding linen or wool textures to your space in the form of carpets or curtains too. Tip: Besides white, experiment with varying shades of grey to elevate the minimalist elegance. 


System featured: Solar Ultra in Graphite

3. Combination of Neutral and Contrasting Colours  

Japandi’s colour palette is pretty straightforward: white, beige and grey. The mish-mash of Japanese and Scandinavian design allows a good mix of colours and tones, so the space never seems dull.  

Spice things up with our Solar Ultra in Graphite or Solar in Grey for a dash of colour. Alternatively, check out the Solar Ultra/Solar in White to keep things clean and bright. 


System featured: Solar Alpha in Cosmic Grey

4. Indoor Plants

Besides natural material, decorate your home with various indoor plants to add an organic touch to the space. Bonsais, fiscus, and monstera are currently trendy plants to check out. Feel free to  showcase your dried flower bouquets too! The bare branches are also considered an abundance of wood/natural elements.  

Less is More

Love the ‘less is more’ concept? So do we! Sign up with us to enjoy $55 storewide off any Steigen automated laundry drying system. Plus, trade in your existing ceiling-mounted manual rack/automated system to enjoy additional discounts.  

Unsure if the system would fit in your home? Book your free site measurements with us and we can help recommend a model and suggest a power source for the system too. 

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