Meet These 6 Laundry-Eating Bugs

Meet These 6 Laundry-Eating Bugs

Everyone knows there are bugs out there that feast and destroy your clothes. But did you know that there are that many bugs? 

Find out which pesky laundry-eating insect is up to no good and how to prevent them from ruining your clothes in your wardrobe. That mysterious hole in your shirt may not be a mystery after all. 

Clothes moths

Heard of mothballs? That’s how it all started. 

Fun fact: Moth adults do not eat clothes. It is the larvae that do. Hence, depending on the larval phase of the moth, this can lead to extensive damage over time. 

Also, cotton laundry happens to be one of their favourites. 


This wingless, carrot-shaped, silver insect does not eat clothes for the fabric. They eat the “nutrients” and debris caught on your clothes. For example, body soil, food stains etc.

They prefer moist and dark living conditions, so you can often find them in your bathroom and drawers.


This nasty pest is attracted to the sweat stains, food and drink spills, and laundry starch that can be found on your clothing. As they feed on the stains, they “cut” the clothing fibres, essentially making holes. 

Carpet beetles

The eggs of a female carpet beetle will hatch within 5-20 days (unfortunately for us, it’s faster in warmer weather), and the larvae immediately start feeding on natural materials much like the larvae of a clothes moth. 

The adult carpet beetles are attracted to light and feed on pollen, so you could have accidentally invited them home with cut flowers.


Similar to cockroaches, they are attracted to the grease and sweat stains, and laundry starch on your clothing. As they feed, they will nibble through the fabric fibres and make holes or fray the clothing. 


Few people would suspect termites when it comes to clothing damage. Although they may feed on wood, they too are attracted to food spills on fabric and would chew through them. 

Luckily, you probably would not find them in your dressers unless they have been unmaintained for ages. 

How to Get Rid Of Them

Cleaning – it’s as simple as that. Besides clean clothes, you would also have to clean your closets and drawers frequently. No point storing clean clothes in a dirty place. 

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Now all you need to focus on is cleaning your wardrobe. 

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