3 Common Laundry Troubles And How To Solve Them

3 Common Laundry Troubles And How To Solve Them

Ever wondered why cooking takes hours, eating takes seconds and doing the laundry takes forever?

Laundry duties always take up a good chunk of your time–when you’re done with the last load, it’s time to start over again. With all the washing coordination and outfit forethought, any laundry procrastinator should understand the painful cycle. 

Pro Tip: Invest in an all-around good buy that takes laundry burden off your shoulders. Literally. 

Laundry may be a never-ending love-hate relationship, but there are ways to spice things up! Turn this high-effort, low-reward task into one where you can breeze through like a boss. 

1. Is It Me?

You’re checking yourself out in the mirror: Everything looks good and feels good, but there’s that musky smell in the air. Next thing you know, you’re caught trying to sniff your clothes and questioning yourself.

The smell of mildew is an annoying type of odour and that stench can occur due to various reasons. Sadly, it lingers in your garments, stalks you the entire day, and hides in your wardrobe. 

To get rid of this pesky fellow, you would need an effective solution. A laundry ioniser should do the trick. Besides preventing stale odours from forming, the ioniser keeps airborne allergens and particles such as pollen, bacteria, and dust mites at bay. Not to mention, line drying helps with the odour too.

2. Line Drying > Dryers

For the uninitiated, to line dry your washing means to hang or drape it over a rack. This process of drying not only helps to preserve the fibres and elasticity of your garments, but it also reduces creases.

Dryers, on the other hand, are the main reason why your once beautiful garments have deep creases as they are constantly twisted in an odd torque while drying. The weight of the pile in the dryer further sets the creases in place. Ultimately, making it harder to smooth out. 

3. The Sun Isn’t Your Only Saviour

Drying your laundry is easy given our sunny and humid climate, but what if it rains? 

It happens to all of us—we get the washing out, and it pours before we can get any drying done. Worst, the sudden downpour drenches your already half-dried laundry. 

Regardless of whether you are at work or out of town (or simply too lazy to dry laundry), you can banish washday blues for good with an automated laundry system that operates indoors. Streamline your laundry routine and you never have to chase after the sun or be chased away by the rain. 

Say goodbye to your #laundrywoes with Steigen SingaporeIf you’re thinking, “no such wonder product exists”, think again.

From solar heat technology for fast drying, allergen-free laundry to inbuilt ioniser that eliminates odour, Steigen is the one for you. The best part, everything can be done indoors! Did we mention we offer free on-site measurements to recommend a suitable model and placement for your beautiful home too? 

With a washing machine in place, the next step is finding the right dryer. You can either go the traditional route and get a washer-dryer or stay ahead of the game with an automated laundry system. 

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