How to Dry Clothes When You’re Pressed For Time And Space

How to Dry Clothes When You’re Pressed For Time And Space

Are your window grilles decorated with half wet towels and multi-coloured hangers? Tired of always walking into the drying rack that sits in the middle of your living room and directly under the fan?  

From insufficient drying space, annoying neighbours upstairs to a flat that only faces the West Sun, it’s not surprising that many homeowners still struggle to dry their laundry despite Singapore’s warm weather.  If you’re constantly struggling to find more space to dry your clothes around the house, look no further than Steigen! 

Steigen’s Solar series are known for their wholesome laundry drying experience that never breaks the bank. Not to mention, the signature Solar Drying technique that dries laundry 8 times* faster than a natural outdoor breeze.

The science behind the Solar Drying Technique is pretty simple. Running at 60°Cˆ, the Solar heaters emit heat which passes through the wide ventilators to dry your laundry and effectively kill bacteria. Coupled with powerful in-built air circulators/blowers, this increases the effective coverage which ultimately increases the rate of evaporation. Thus, drying laundry at a very fast speed. 

If you haven’t heard, the Solar Alpha is the latest addition to Steigen’s Solar series. Besides drying clothes quickly, the new system comes with more space for drying. With the Solar Alpha, you get 6 poles of which 2 comes with built-in plastic clothes clips where you can hang the smallest of items. Say goodbye to chunky mismatched clothes clips that occupy more space on your poles than your clothes.

Together with the extended poles, you can even dry and hang up to 94 pieces of clothes on the Solar Alpha–That’s about 3 full loads of washing! This is perfect for large families whose laundry drying duties never seem to end. 

You neither have to worry about doing laundry on rainy days too as everything is done indoors with a touch of a button. Each Solar Drying cycle is pre-set at 3 hours long. When one cycle ends, you can reset it for another hour of drying. There is even a weather based trigger setting where you can set the Solar Drying cycle to be switched on on rainy days and vice versa. 

Designed to meet your laundry drying needs, you can finally put clutter in its place and kick laundry chaos to the curb. A little cleverness goes a long way when it comes to styling shoebox apartments–just because there is less space and time for you to work with, doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.

With Steigen, dry laundry with a whole new perspective and make laundry duties effortless and spotless. 

*Based on spin-dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather using Solar Alpha.

ˆOnly applicable for Solar Alpha.

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