Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Dryer

Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Dryer

When it comes to purchasing household appliances, new homeowners are undoubtedly looking out for ones that can do everything – energy-efficient, space-saving, a smart system, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly affordable. 


With so many laundry systems and dryers in the market, you are spoilt for choices on which model to get. Whether you are looking for an appliance that does the chores for you or a product to impress your other new homeowner buds during house warming, here’s why you should reconsider which laundry system you ought to get this year! 


Skip Traditional Dryers

Even with our “one season, all-year-round” climate, many of us would still contemplate buying a dryer just so that we have one less chore to worry about, especially if it rains. Lately, the trend is all about that all-in-one experience: A washer-dryer combo machine. 


Having a washer dryer is great – until one of it stops working. You can skip moving clothes between appliances and it is a great space saver when you are living in a shoebox apartment. But besides that, you’re banking a little too much on it to not break down. 


And, if you tend to use your washer dryer regularly because you have a large family, you’re better off with standalone appliances to maximise drying performance and minimise wear and tear of the machine. 


Not to mention, dryers are infamously known for their huge energy consumption


Before you lose faith and give up on your search for the perfect dryer addition to your home, there is another alternative besides dryers. 


Steigen: Automatic Laundry System

Forget dryers, laundry racks and bamboo poles: Steigen’s automatic laundry system allows you to dry laundry 8x faster* and easier with a simple tap of a button. The advanced system features the signature Solar Drying Technique, known for its 60°C* warm air currents that are akin to drying your laundry under direct sunlight. 


It even comes with an in-built Ioniser and Dust Mite Repellerˆ which effectively reduces odour and eliminates the presence of dust mites, leaving you with allergen-free laundry. 


The system holds up to an average load of 45kg which is approximately 3 full loads of washing – great for families who do their laundry every day. You can even extend the telescopic poles to dry king-size bed sheets on top of your garments! 


Before you start to worry about the dimensions of the system, all Steigen models should fit any standard 3-5 room HDB BTO flats. (Book your free on-site measurement assessment to find out which model best fits your space and needs!). To top things off, everything is installed to your ceiling so you never have to worry about space limitation or insufficient legroom. 


All in all, with Steigen, you too can discover indoor drying without the hassle and at the fraction of the running cost of any dryers. 


What are you waiting for?

There are plenty of Steign models for you to choose from, so you’re missing out if you’re still using a washer-dryer to do your laundry. Or worse, a manual laundry rack and bamboo poles. With the Steigen’s signature Solar Drying Technique, inbuilt Ioniser, and Dust Mite Repeller, you can cast your laundry woes aside for good.

Get that all-in-one laundry experience with Steigen today!


*Based on spin-dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather. Only applicable to Solar Alpha.

ˆOnly applicable for Solar Ultra and Solar Alpha.

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