3 Ways To Deal With Neighbours Who Drip-Dry Wet Laundry And More

3 Ways To Deal With Neighbours Who Drip-Dry Wet Laundry And More

Having good neighbours is the real cherry on the cake after buying your dream home. Sadly, most of us never get to choose our neighbours. 

There are easily thousands of online forums on how you can deal with annoying neighbours who mess with your laundry but most offer ill-intentioned advice. Not to worry, we have shortlisted 3 ways how you can graciously deal with your neighbours while keeping your laundry in pristine condition.

1. Dry Indoors With An Automated Laundry System 

As the old saying goes, “never air dirty laundry in public”. Here’s when you should take it word for word. 

From dripping wet mops to drenched clothes, nobody likes to have their washing rained on by someone else’s. Even when you try to give your neighbours the benefit of the doubt, it is hard to shake off that icky feeling of not knowing if their laundry is thoroughly cleaned or not. 

When you start to dry your washing indoors, all your wet laundry complaints and disputes with your neighbours will magically disappear. Not to mention, you’ll see less of yourself chasing away mynas and crows. 

2. Install An Ioniser To Remove Odour

Bits of cigarette ashes. Mutton curry aroma. Damp laundry stench. The list is never-ending. 

You can neither avoid nor control the smells that wafer in and out of your home. But, with an ioniser, you can minimise such stenches without having to rewash your laundry. 

Mother-in-law dropping by your place to whip up a 6-course tze char spread? Having an ioniser will prevent you from running helter-skelter in your kitchen to get your laundry out.

3. Run Your Clothes Through A Dust Mite Repeller 

A common habit when drying wet laundry is to aggressively flap or shake off invisible dirt before airing it.

Some neighbours like to practise this motion with carpets and curtains outside of their windows. When the wind blows, all these invisible dirt will eventually settle on your washing, regardless if you are drying it indoors or outdoors. 

Take extra precaution and eliminate dust mites from your laundry when you put your clothes through a dust mite repeller/controller. 

Good Things Must Share

Indoor drying? Check. Inbuilt Ioniser to remove odours? Check. Dust Mite Repeller to banish dust mites? Check. 

Whether you plan on drying your laundry indoors or tired of having unwanted smells on your laundry, Steigen automated laundry drying systems are here to the rescue. We possibly have everything laundry-drying related covered.

Unlike drying under direct sunlight, our signature Solar Drying technique is ultraviolet free which prevents colour fading in your garments. Plus, our systems can dry up to 50 kg of washing–perfect for large families! 

Before you jump into conclusions and decide all is too good to be true, why not drop by our Steigen Experience Store to check out the real deal? We’ll be waiting.

Piece of advice: You may not be able to choose your neighbours, but you can always choose what type of neighbour you will be. 

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