4 Surprising Things You Can Dry With Any Steigen

4 Surprising Things You Can Dry With Any Steigen

Drying space is something hard to compromise, especially when you are living in a shoebox unit, and refuse to give in to unappealing electrical bill commitments of a tumble dryer. 

Whether it is king-size silk bedsheets or intricately woven carpets, here are 4 surprising things you can dry with Steigen without breaking the bank:

1. Bedsheet

A king-size fitted bedsheet is roughly 190cm long. On the other hand, the average length of a bamboo/aluminium laundry pole is approximately 150 cm long. A simple numbers comparison will tell you that you would need a much longer laundry pole to dry those sheets properly. 

Guess what? Even the most compact Steigen system, Solar Mini, can dry king-sized bed sheets and can fit most 3-5 room BTO flats. 


2. Curtain

We are always in a love-hate relationship with curtains: We love them for their versatility–giving shade, providing privacy, adding personality–and loathe them for their maintenance. These dust collectors are not only hard to wash; they are equally hard to dry. 

When it comes to drying such long curtains, you can drape it vertically across the Steigen system, and you are good to go. Better yet, switch on the Dust Mite Repeller to reduce the concentration of dust mites on your beloved curtains.


3. Carpet

Planning to dry your carpet outdoors? You cannot avoid those annoying bird droppings. What about tossing it into the dryer instead? The high heat from tumble dryers can damage the rubber backing and carpet fibres. According to Murphy’s Law, if anything can go wrong, it will. 

Minimise the risk of ruining your expensive carpets when you dry with Steigen. Woolly or woven, the Steigen systems can hold up to 50kg of washing! You never have to worry about heaving up the carpets as the system lowers to a comfortable height.   

4. Pet bed  

If you have a pet which snuggles up to a blanket or sleeps in a bed, there is a good chance you have to deal with the odour. 

The signature Solar Drying technique of our Steigen systems heats up to 60ºC* which eliminates bacteria reproduction, in turn, limiting the stink factor. Coupled with the inbuilt Ioniser, your pet’s bed will smell as good as new. 

Save Time, Save Cost, Save Space

Needless to say, a single cycle is not enough to dry a thick duvet cover; switch on as many cycles as you need to get your laundry done. Fret not, one Solar Drying cycle runs for 3 hours and each hour of drying costs as low as $0.13^. 

If space is an issue, our Steigen system only requires an installation space on your ceiling. It even comes with a built-in LED light which you can use individually as a ceiling light, without switching on the other features.     

Regardless of material and size, our Steigen Solar series systems can speed up the drying process so that you have more time to do other things besides laundry. 

Talking about savings, from 1st-31st May 2021 (2359), both in-stores and online, enjoy an $80 discount off everything with the promo code GSS80. Here’s a sale you wouldn’t want to miss!

* Only applicable to Solar Alpha. Other Solar series systems heat up to 50ºC. 

^ Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.1960/kWh (without GST).

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