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4 Myths When Using Automated Laundry Drying Systems

4 Myths When Using Automated Laundry Drying Systems

It is no surprise that many of us are sceptical when it comes to experimenting with new smart gadgets. Take, for instance, every new iPhone launch: Die-hard Apple fans may rush in headfirst, but a good number of us would choose to wait on the sidelines first. 

But what if you are a late adopter/bloomer who wants to hop on the Steigen bandwagon, yet still have some reservations? Look no further, here are 4 common myths about our Steigen automated laundry drying systems debunked that will turn sceptics into believers!

Myth 1: High Heat That Melts Hangers

Hangers are made commonly from plastic and the melting point of plastic ranges between 170ºC-390ºC (depending on the type of plastic).  

The heat from Steigen’s Solar Drying technique simulates drying under direct sunlight, which is approximately 50-60ºC. Not to mention, the inbuilt blowers will circulate heat evenly throughout your washing, so your hangers (and laundry) are not consistently and directly exposed to the heat. Hence, your hangers should not melt. 

Myth 2: High Consumption Of  Electricity

At 0.72/kWh, one cycle of Solar Drying (3 hours long) can cost you as low as $0.42^. With a load capacity of up to 50kg*, you would be able to dry 2-3 cycles of washings in a single sitting. 

The Steigen automated laundry drying systems can hang approximately 85 spin-dried clothes if the extendable poles were to be fully utilised.

Now, even large families never have to fuss over the laundry schedule again!

Myth 3: Flimsy Structure

With maximum support securing the base of the system to the ceiling, all Steigen automated laundry drying systems are engineered to be wind-resistant. The flexible structure in the expendable accordion rack may seem flimsy or wobbly, but this flexibility reduces wind resistance. In turn, allowing lesser stress to the mechanism, thus, lesser chances of breakage. 

Myth 4: Rust Will Occur 

Despite drying the laundry indoors, this automated laundry drying system is still exposed to surrounding environmental factors such as wind, humidity, possibly rain and more, that can affect the finishing of the system. 

The Solar Ultra is coated with an organic paint finish that is both ultraviolet resistant and contains zero volatile organic compounds. Not to mention, the Solar Alpha has a sandblasted matte finish which enhances the long durability of the system’s finishing. Expect up to 50 years of ageing-free (no peels, flakes or blisters).

Perks Of Being A Late Tech Adopter

The most obvious benefit of being a late tech adopter is the power to pick and choose. The next best thing is having an abundance of reviews to comb through that will get you convinced. 

^Based on SP Group July 2020 at $0.1960/kWh (without GST).

*Only applicable to Solar Alpha

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