4 CNY Clothes And Laundry Traditions For A Huat Year

4 CNY Clothes And Laundry Traditions For A Huat Year

With Chinese New Year (CNY) right around the corner, the air is bustling with all sorts of festivities. From spring cleaning to scrambling for last minute preparations, this annual affair requires tonnes of prep. Not to mention, shopping for new outfits.

The number of CNY customs might seem like a never-ending list, but here are the top 4 CNY clothing and laundry traditions that you should not miss out on:

1. Avoid Doing Laundry 

If you hate doing laundry, we bring good news!

For the uninitiated, it is considered inauspicious to do laundry on the first two days of CNY as those days are celebrated as the birthday of the Water God. So, washing your clothes on those two days will offend the deity. 


2. Wear Everything New 

From your outfits, pyjamas to bedsheets, ushering the lunar new year with all things new is an auspicious way to signify new beginnings. As for pyjamas and bedsheets, switch them out the night before CNY. That way, the new you can enter the new year with a fresh start. 


3. Avoid Wearing White and Black

You might have heard from your elders on not to wear black but what about white? Similar to black, white is another mourning colour and is worn traditionally during funerals. 

Try to wear brightly-coloured outfits during CNY, especially if you are going for a house visiting. Better yet, wear red and gold as it symbolises prosperity.


4. No Damaged Clothes

With new clothes, comes new responsibility: The responsibility to wash and dry them with great care before the big day. 

From shrinkage to warping elastic, many of us overlook the rough tumbling actions of a dryer which can result in irreversible damages to our clothes. So, why subject your brand new outfits to such situations? 

Minimise the chances of ruining any outfits when you dry with Steigen. Simply hang your laundry to dry and you are good to go. No wringing, no tumbling, and most importantly, no worries!


New Year, New You 

Spring cleaning is a lot of work, and we should get all the help we can to make organising a breeze.

One of the best things you can make use of to keep your laundry space (and home) clutter-free is Steigen! It only occupies your ceiling, so you have plenty of legroom to move around or for other home decorations. 

Even when you are the busiest person on the planet, you can also dry and eliminate the presence of dust mites on your washing with a tap of a button remotely. Now, you can finally multitask and focus on spring cleaning your home while drying your laundry.  

Who knows, you might even impress your in-laws with this automated laundry drying system when they are visiting your place!

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