5 Types of People Who Need An Automated Laundry System

5 Types of People Who Need An Automated Laundry System

There seems to be a common disinterest for laundry, and we all know someone who struggles with it. 

Dirty clothes pile, and before you know it, your chore list will start snowballing, forcing you to acknowledge the chore you have been evading.

If you fall in either one of these categories, it is about time to switch out and upgrade your laundry drying method with a Steigen system.

#1 You Are A New Homeowner

It would not come as a surprise to many that most new homeowners do not know how to operate various household appliances. To a greenhorn, even the rice cooker can come off as complicated to use, let alone a washer-dryer combo that has 101 buttons to push. 

#2 You Are A Working Adult

When you are stuck in a cyclic 9-to-5 job, coming home to multiple chores is one of the most dreadful things ever. By mid-week, you would adopt a that-is-what-weekends-are-for mentality and push whatever was incomplete on the weekday to the weekends.

#3 You Are A Tech-Savvy Boomer

Making life easier is the name of the game these days, and that is what many Baby Boomers are jumping on the technology bandwagon. Although these futuristic devices may seem intimidating, you are not afraid to embrace technology for convenience sake.

#4 You Have Kids With Allergies

There is no cure for allergies, but symptoms can be managed. Besides an air purifier, there are other ways to cope with airborne allergens at home. Drying your laundry with an ioniser, keeping the windows closed and showering at night are a few things you can try out to keep your kids’ allergies in check. 

#5 You Are Just Lazy

It is the 21st century, and you welcome the house of the future with open arms. From robotic vacuum cleaners, self-cleaning bathtubs to automated laundry drying systems, you are all about the technology that is revolutionising your daily chores. 

We Are Who We Are

Whether you are a millennial who struggles with chores, a boomer who seeks labour assistance or loathe drying laundry, Steigen can put your laundry woes to rest. 

Come home to allergen-free laundry every day and dry your washing through your mobile device. Better yet, control various Steigen features using your voice when you pair the Steigen Home app to Apple devices.  

Now, you can finally multitask and have a heart’s ease while drying laundry.  

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