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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Bamboo Poles/Pulley System When Drying Laundry

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Bamboo Poles/Pulley System When Drying Laundry

Have you noticed whenever you are rushing through laundry and thinking about how the time spent could be done doing something more worthwhile, makes you hate laundry even more?

Drying laundry is hardly a fan favourite household chore – mostly because you’re using the wrong system to assist you with this tedious burden task. From deep body aches to annoying neighbours, here are 5 reasons to ditch your manual laundry system for a Steigen automated laundry drying system instead.  


1. Safety

With a heavy wash load on a bamboo pole, hoisting it out the window and retrieving it back can pose as a challenge for many, let alone a frail elder or a daring helper that tiptoes past the parapet. Over the years, there have been many cases of individuals falling to their deaths while hanging laundry out of HDB kitchen windows – a common sight on the Singapore skyline. 

Do away with such risks when you have a Steigen laundry system that does all the laborious work for you with the touch of a button. It even comes with an Obstacle Recovery* feature that showcases a built-in sensor to detect obstacles and further retracts the system to prevent any collisions. Never will you have to worry about bamboo poles falling on you again. 


2. Annoying Neighbours

Many of us live in happy neighbourhoods and we try our best to get along well with our neighbours until we move out or when someone decides to hang dripping wet laundry outside. Whichever first. Or worse, your neighbour decides to smoke at the balcony and you forgot to collect your clothes. 

Not to mention, passing birds who make a quick pit stop outside your home, bearing housewarming gifts.

This will hardly ever be a problem again if you dry your clothes indoors, and get them ionically cleansed using a Steigen laundry system that eliminates odours and bacteria.


3. Body aches

If you have ever done laundry, you will probably have encountered at least one of the following:

  • Lifting the poles filled with damp laundry overhead
  • Stretching past the window to fit the poles into their holders 
  • Tugging fervently on the pulley system because it is stuck

The thing about laundry is that it never ends, so the possibility of straining your body while doing laundry will never end too. A deep muscle ache might go away when given enough rest but it’s not the case for everyone, especially for the elderly.


4. Unpredictable Weather

Sunny weathers are ideal for outdoor drying but it gets pretty frustrating when we often overtrust and over-rely on weather applications to plan our laundry schedule. A quick rain shower is all it takes to ruin your clothes and dampen your spirits. 

What if you have an app that helps you with your chores—one that allows you to control your laundry system remotely?

From customisable scheduling cycles to weather-based triggers that set off various features, you can enjoy a wholesome laundry drying experience with the Steigen Home app.  


5. Save Time 

You might be able to foresee the weather with an hourly weather forecast but you would not be able to make time if you do not have time in the first place. 

Exclusive to Steigen, the Solar Alpha dries laundry up to 60°C which not only effectively eliminates bacteria, but dries the laundry in 90 minutes^. And, everything is done indoors! Never again will you have to stay cooped at home while waiting for the laundry to dry.

*Only applicable to Solar Alpha.

^Based on spin-dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather.

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