4 Fabrics That Should Not Go In The Dryer And How To Dry Them

4 Fabrics That Should Not Go In The Dryer And How To Dry Them

Laundry drying products are always a useful investment because everybody has to dry their clothes, after all.

Even though these gadgets aim to provide quick solutions to everyday problems, sometimes they end up causing more trouble than they should. The tumble dryer is a classic example. 

From your favourite sweater to work out clothes, find out which 4 fabrics should never be tumbled dry and how you should best dry them instead.

1. Knitted/Woven fabric

From sweaters, cardigans, hats to even pillowcases, a wide variety of items are made from knitted/woven fabric. Once tossed into a hot dryer, they are goners. The heat and rough tumble not only will shrink and stretch your laundry but also increase the chances of pilling (development of tiny balls of threads).

2. Leather/Faux Leather

Never tumble dry anything leather, faux or not. The high heat will cause the fabric to dry out and crack. An ideal setting for leather to dry would be to place it in a shady spot and drying under a cool breeze.

3. Silk

The best way to dry silk is to air dry them and away from direct sunlight as the Ultraviolet (UV) light can ruin the silk fibres, further fading its colour. When drying, avoid pegging it down to your laundry rack or bamboo poles as it can leave indents on the silk. Try draping it over a hanger or laying it flat on a surface to dry. 

4. Spandex/Lycra

Is your fitspo new year resolution still in check? Good for you! If your gym outfits are feeling a tad snagged, it might just be your dryer messing with you. Spandex/Lycra do not react well to heat, and placing them into the dryer will result in fabric damage. Such materials dry quickly, and tumble drying might be unnecessary. 

To Dry Or Not To Dry?

Let’s face it: A traditional dryer may not be the best solution to dry your laundry. The high heat and tumbling process restrict the type of fabric that goes into the dryer. So, why splurge on such products and subject yourself to such drying limitations? 

Multiple fabrics require special laundry care. Hence, investing in the right drying system is crucial. With Steigen, you can toggle between warm (up to 60ºC*) or cool breeze drying at a touch of a button. Be it fancy leather or delicate chiffon, never have to worry about being stuck in a laundry dilemma–to dry or risk ruining it? 

If you are suffering from allergies, the system’s Dust Mite Repeller will keep pesky dust mites away. Not to mention, the charged ions from the system’s inbuilt Ioniser minimises odours. 

Mistakes happen, but there are ways to help your laundry look better, last longer, and perhaps prevent another laundry drying mishap.

*Only applicable to Solar Alpha

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