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Will the existing system be dismantled?

We do offer dismantling services at no additional cost when you trade-in your existing rack. The removal will be done on the same day as your Steigen system installation and the existing rack will be disposed of by Steigen.

Note: If you wish to retain the laundry rack in working condition, please engage an ID/contractor to assist with the dismantling instead. Please dismantle the existing rack before the Steigen automated laundry system installation. In this case, trade-in program discount will not be applicable.

When should I install?

We recommend installing the system after wiring and carpentry are completed, and before the final paint touch-up. During the installation, the existing drying rack will be dismantled and the drill holes left behind by the exisiting rack will be patched up (free of charge). No painting services will be provided.

Are there any installation charges?

We provide the delivery, installation, dismantling of existing rack (if any) and connection to an existing power source at no additional costs.

How long does an installation takes?

Installation takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, our installer will contact you prior to their arrival.

What is the installation lead time?

Our installation lead time is around 2 weeks (subject to changes). All available slots can be viewed on the checkout page of the website.

I have an order with Steigen. Where can I book my installation?

If you have an open date order with us, our installation lead time is around 2 weeks (subject to changes), you may view all available slots here.

Are there any earlier installation dates?

For earlier installation dates, please contact our Customer Support team here for assistance.

I have not collected my keys. Can I make a purchase first and install later?

We can hold the system up to a year from the date of purchase. Hence, you may cart out the order with an open date installation and book your installation later.

How do I reschedule my installation date?

Feel free to reschedule your installation on our live calendar here. All available slots are shown in the live calendar.

What are the installation time slots available?

Our installation slots are available from Monday to Saturday (except Public Holiday) at these time slots:

9am - 11am

11am - 1pm

1pm - 3pm

3pm - 5pm

Please secure your desired slot at least 2 weeks in advance (subjected to changes)

Delivery will be made within the stipulated slot. Installation takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on the complexity of work.

Can I relocate my system?

Relocation is priced at $100 (includes uninstall and reinstall at your new place), please contact our Customer Support team here for assistance.

Do you provide on high ceiling installation?

If you have high ceiling of more than 3.2m, we do provide installation alternatives (at no additional costs), please reach out to our Customer Support team here.

Do you provide on false ceiling installation?

False ceiling installation can be carried out as long as all requirements below are fulfilled:

1) There is a concrete slab beyond the false ceiling

2) The distance between the false ceiling and concrete ceiling is not more than 1.2 metre

3) There are no obstacles (such as pipes etc) blocking the mounting points of the system

We will assist to do the reinforcement by adding stainless steel rods which connect to the concrete slab for you. It's invisible and there are no extra charges on this.

Do you provide condo installation?

For condo installations, we highly recommend seeking approval of the condominium management before booking an installation date.

Will there be any patchworks done?

After dismantling your existing laundry rack, we will help to patch up any holes in the ceiling from the existing laundry rack with white plaster. The white plaster will take about 1-2 days to dry. Plaster colour may differ from your ceiling paint colour; Steigen does not provide any painting services.

Hence, we recommend installing your Steigen system before the last touch upof paint. Otherwise, you may keep some paint to paint over the patchworks after it dries up.

Will the installation be noisy/ are clean-ups needed?

There will be drilling works, drilling will take place within the first 30 mins of your booked time slot.

The drilling will not cause your home to be dirty as our drill bit comes with a vacuum attached to it

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