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4 Pastel Laundry Spaces That Are Perfect For Pastel Lovers

4 Pastel Laundry Spaces That Are Perfect For Pastel Lovers

Everyone loves a home to be stylish yet simple, with interiors that would not go out of trend anytime soon. The pastel colour palette has been well-loved and relevant since the 1950s, and it’s clear that it is no passing fad.   

If neutral themes are not your cup of tea, check out these charming pastel shades for your laundry space that will have every pastel lover falling head over heels.

System featured: Solar Ultra in Ultra White

1. Powder Blue 

This soothing tone is bound to bring a sense of tranquility into your home. The lovely blue shade adds a pop of colour without being loud. For an alluring vibe, choose a dark blue such as our Solar Ultra in Ultramarine. For a softer coastal inspired theme, try Solar Ultra in White. 

System featured: Solar Alpha in Cosmic Grey

2. Light Yellow

What is a happier colour than yellow? An underrated colour, yellow is a wonderful way to instantly brighten any home. If you need an extra boost at night, toggle between Solar Alpha’s tri-tone LED lights for 3 different light tones for better illumination. It even works independently without switching on the other functions!

System featured: Solar in Gold

3. Vintage Mint

Fun fact: The human sees green better than any colour in the spectrum. From stark white to dark brown, green is a versatile colour that goes well with many colours. For the chic homeowners, go with Solar in Gold to create an attractive contrast and a touch of elegance.  

System featured: Solar in Rose Gold

4. Light Blush

This is a perfect shade for those who want a dash of personality but not go overboard with the colour. Pair it with Solar in White to balance out the ethereal pink theme while maintaining a neutral palette. Alternatively, pick Solar in Rose Gold to add more colour depth to your space. 

Golden Opportunity

Are you swaying towards a bold colour or sticking with a neutral palette? Whichever side you are on, we have no doubt we can satisfy your needs. Plus, here’s an extra $55 storewide off when you sign up with us! 

If you are not too sure of the system’s fit, book your free site measurements with us and we can help you iron out the details in no time.

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